Do you manage properties or are a member of a Home Owners association? If so, Total Building Care is here to help. We are an experienced construction company that can handle any project-whether small or large.

Exterior renovation on existing condominiums and HOA properties does not have to be complicated and is easier that you think. Our expertise spans many years and with hundreds of exterior renovations under our belt we can help you navigate through those projects on the list. Whether you are a property manager or a member of an HOA our primary objective is to make your life easier and we understand the demands and pressures you face. Condominiums, apartment complexes or multi-family homes Total Building Care can handle the job.

In an effort to create a positive construction experience we will build out a schedule based on each individual project with a goal to minimize the disruption to the homeowners or residents all while completing the project in a timely fashion. And as always safety is our number one priority and will set up a perimeter fence around the work area as well as caution tape to prevent any potential hazards. In addition, we will attend board meetings if necessary and complete job walks with the property manager to insure the job is done to their satisfaction.

Total Building Care is also a licensed painter and provides professional painting services and has the equipment to do the job right. We have worked with properties in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego counties. We are licensed and fully insured and have the necessary requirement to become one of your go to vendors.

Please contact our office at 888-589-4238 to schedule a time for one of our project managers to come out to take a look at your project. You can also reach us by emailing info@totalbuildingcare.com. Thank you.
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